Light Weight Insulated Covers

This tethering mount system is intended to function in tanks or containment structures that can be circular, rectangular or irregular in plan view shape. The design’s purpose is to maintain flexible or semi rigid floating cover systems in their proper orientation to provide the maximum coverage over the contained media fluid while helping prevent wind uplift and or displacement by wind or other forces that may be applied to the cover. The ballast element may either rest on the tank’s floor or be elevated off of the floor as needed.

These cost effective thermal and evaporation control frac tank floating covers aren't gone with the wind, they stick around to enhance you bottom line.

Features & Specifications

High Performance Membranes

Cover membranes are engineered to provide
years of UV resistance,stop evaporation and algae growth while insulating the contained water, doing all this with great economy.

Tethering Technology

The covers are manufactured with tethering technology that prevents cover movement and rotation in the high winds. 

Low Cost & Light Weight

Built with reusable hardware that furthers reduces cost over time, these frac tank floating covers are also light weight making for fast installation. Most cover membranes can be made in one or two panels. 

Re-usable tethering hardware for successive tank sets would require
only cover membranes & minimal additional consumables saves thousands of dollars in each future install.